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New badge not showing up?

I got the PM for the Captain badge but it is not showing up as highlighted on my profile page or in the badge list so it should be showing me as having 2 silver badges now and is still only showing one. Any Mods have any ideas? My 2 year membership was on the 25th of the month and as I said I got the PM saying I reached the Captain level.
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  1. With it being around the end of the month, things start to act "weird", just like the points don't show up / change, as the system seems to be getting ready for "March". I would give it a few days to see rather or not it shows up.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply tecmo. I"ll give it a week or so then. I have never had this happen before was the only reason I posted.
  3. If it doesn't show up, I'll get Joe involved to see if there is another "bug" going on. I've seen a few delays but nothing that didn't correct itself over time.
  4. I will follow up either way. Not really as concerned over the badge as I was a forum error.
  5. *points to tecmo's post and nods*
  6. It's been a full week since the PM and still no badge showing up yet. Still just end of the month/new month issues?
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    Badges freeze for the first 7 days - you should be seeing it soon. If you don't, send me a pm and we'll look into it directly.
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  9. Still nothing so second PM sent.
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