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I have a Mac laptop. I am very close to a tower so the guy that sold me internet service said I would not need a route or grid. Well that was wrong so I bought the grid and he wanted me to hook the laptop to the grid cable, but I bought the laptop so I it would be wireless. I have a linksys wireless router....how do program that to the grid.... I have all kinds of IP and DNS number that he said I would not need but I can not get connected to the network
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  1. No idea what you're asking. What kind of tower? What is a route or grid?
  2. The tower transmits the signal so initially he said I only needed to sign up for the service and enter the IP, gateway, DNS, and netmask addresses in the laptop. But I could not pick up a decent signal so now I had to buy a grid to pick up the signal. Since I want to be wireless I need a router (sorry about the sp) and have a linksys but can't seem to connect through it.
  3. What does the grid (antennae?) attach to?
  4. You need to explain a bit about what you are trying to connect to and what you are using. "grid cable" is what? Are you talking about a cell tower as your "tower"? Look up some wireless terms and find something that matches what you are trying to setup.
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