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first off i am a web developer and i currently have 2 computers, 1 i use for personal and 1 for work
personal computer specs:
core i5 2500k
GTX 580
Asus zonar sound card
stock gateway FX mobo
600 watt PSU

work computer(i built it) i built this to eventually run 6(3 wide, 2 high) screens but only currently have 4 screens(due to on a budget and did not buy the 3rd card to run them all)
core i7 2600k
GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 mobo []
2 X - GT 440 fermi graphics cards X2
corsair 8GB vengence ram
corsair 120 GB SSD
550 watt PSU

So i was thinking of taking the GTX 580, and sound card out of my personal computer and putting them in the work computer and just use that 1 computer for everything
i am just unsure if a 600 watt PSU is enough for all of this:
core 17 2600k
GT 440 fermi 3GB
GT 440 fermi 3GB
GTX 580 1.5 GB
asus zonar sound card
120 GB SSD
and there is 6 fans.

Also with my 120 GB SSD i have my OS on and when i install things on the other partition it also increases the file size of my SSD how to i have it to ONLY install everything on second partition and just leave OS size small ( i know some files are drivers and such being installed to OS side when i install something)
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  1. You can't use the three video cards together , they have to be all the same for SLI. Nvidia is limited to three monitors max , no matter how many video cards you have. If you want six monitors then you have to use AMD video cards.
    I would have the 120gb SSD for the OS and impotant apps and everything else on the HDD.
  2. cant be. im not using SLI and i have 4 monitors already
  3. Sell the two 440s and get the 7970.
  4. perhaps you guys arent reading the OP right. and to the above why sell them when i have them already and can add the gtx 580 as the last card to run 6 screens, basicaly all im asking is the 600 watt psu enough for everything?
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