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Questions about Video Cards & Vector/Raster applications

Hey Guys!

I know apps like photoshop & illustrator CS5 will use raw CPU power instead of GPU, but I was wondering, from the fact that things like zooming & 3D effects may take advantage of discrete video...

Does it do any good to buy prefer higher video memory (1GB over 512MB or if you will 256MB) when it comes to 3D effects on those apps?

Or Is it better to get a faster GPU to get the job done (let's say, for instance, a Radeon 6850 over a 6570, & this is just an example, but if it doesn't impact that significantly I guess I could stay on a 63xx-64xx range, considering I use this rig just for work, not gaming?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. For 3D and rendering the best video card is Nvidia , and is better that video card to have more memory 1gb minimum.
  2. Hey sosofm, thanks for replying!

    That's why I've heard, because of some technologies developed by big green & their
    partnership with software developers... still, my questions remain...

    Do I go with a low or high video memory card? Why?

    Do I choose a high GPU/Memory Clock one or a low one? Why?

    This rig is just for graphic design, not gaming, so I'd stay in the mainstream range.

    Again, thanks a lot!
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    If you use alot of apps that use CUDA (Nvidia GPGPU tech) then Nvidia is the one to go for
    if you look at the apps you use alot of them like Maya and AutoCad for example
    will strongly recommend only workstation graphic cards not gaming cards
    due to the drivers for Quadro being optimized for OpenGL and those apps
    remember drivers for gaming cards are optimized for games not workstation apps

    really depends on the software you use and also if this is for home use or professional
    for professional use it is basically mandatory to go with a workstation card
    even if the gaming card has better specs the workstation card can outperform it
    in apps like Maya,Autocad etc

    for just basic Photoshop than a gaming card is fine

    Me personally I use a HD 5670 with Cyberlink PowerDirector which utlilizes the ATI Stream GPU acceleration for rendering and encoding
    ATI Stream is the equilavent to CUDA
    I can render a 10 minute video to disk in under 15 minutes with a Core2Duo 3ghz and HD 5670
    which for older hardware isnt bad
    I use it for editing home movies for customers (adding music,titles,transitions,wipes etc)
    workstation cards can be quite expensive so depending on your need
    amateur vs professional and apps used
    determines whether a workstation GPU is needed
  4. U know what? I was actually thinking of a Radeon HD6670/5670 for this matter! :)
    It won't require extra power, rather than from the PCIe slot & it's fast enough for 3D, but not as an enthusiast one.

    I don't do any Cad yet... might have to in the next few years perhaps, but I'm sticking to Vectors & Rasters now, so, something like an entry desktop video card is enough for now I believe.

    BTW... how about a Radeon 54xx/64xx or even as low as a 63xx/63xx? Do you think they might be even fair for PS/Ai?
  5. I would stick with a 6570 or 6670 or 5670
    really the lower cards like the 5450 and 6450
    are mainly home theater cards and multi monitor cards
    really newer onboard graphics are getting close to the performanc of a 54xx/64xx
  6. Ok thanks a lot to you both for your replies

    I got a 5450 for a customer who does novice vectors/raster, I've been testing it & it's not bad, still I'll will be looking for a fanless 56xx/66xx soon, want to check how it performs!

    Carpe Diem.
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