Nzxt guardian 921 rb

Hello, I rencently got a Guardian 921 RB computer case a big upgrade from my old computer case i never really had to deal with case fans or LED fans before and i just want want to make sure i got everything connected right. the 2 case fans have a 4 pin connector and 3 pin connector for a motherboard. I'm unsure if i need to hook up the 4 pin connector with the motherboard connector? As it sits right now im just using the motherboard connectors and the 4 pin molex connector is just sitting there not hooked up. I have a GA-H77M-D3H motherboard if needed.

Any info on this would be great thank you :D
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    I think you are saying each fan has 2 connectors. Is this right?
    Use only one connector on each fan, not both. They provide two for people who do not have the other option. MB pulg is best option and your MB has 3 4 pin connectors.

    Ok, re read your post. Think you have it right.
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