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9600GSO 512MB HDMI audio

Hey community,

So I just built a computer almost completely from spare parts lying around; one of the parts included was a Nvidia 9600GSO that came from TigerDirect (possibly the best $16 I have ever spent). I was just wondering how to get audio from the HDMI port on the card when connected to the TV I have on it.

It is this model:

(I bought it when it was $16 if you were wondering)

Any help is appreciated

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    The card itself does not have an audio processor. You must pass-thru the audio to the card by connecting your audio card or integrated audio to the 9600GSO video card. You need to refer to the 9600GSO manual and your motherboard or audio card manual to determine how to connect "audio out" to "audio in".
  2. Thanks! I can't find the motherboard manual (it came from an old HP) but I'm sure I have the graphics card manual.
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