Games not using all of my GPU?

Okay, so I have the Asus GTX 560 Ti Top GPU (900 factory clock) Able to play any of my games on max settings @ 60fps+ with no issues. I also have a GTS 450 set up temporarily for physics until I sli the 560 Ti. I can play witcher 2, shift 2, dead space 2, assasins creed 2, ... (needless to say lots of sequels) and some being very graphically intensive. The problem is on all the aforementioned games my GPU runs at 100% usage and I never experience any framerate drops or stutters or screen tearing... etc. But when I play Starcraft 2 and Arkham City my gpu usage constantly fluctuates, never going above60-70% and While it has no problem playing on max settings, I notice severe framerate drops during graphically intense parts of these games. As far as I know all my drivers are current, I was thinking maybe this is just the code of the game, or possibly do I have to mess with the drivers? Or could it even be a bottleneck somewhere? (All games show usage of all six cores so I highly doubt it)

Any help would be greatly appreciated because right now I'm wondering what I'm spending so much money for.

My system:

Nzxt lexa s case
AMD 1075T proc (stock 3.0 ghz)
Asrock 970 Extreme 4 mobo
4 gigs kingston hyper x 1600 RAM
Cooler Master silent pro 600w PSU
ASUS GTX 560 Ti Top
MSI Cyclone GTS 450

(Heat is not an issue, runs EXTREMELY cool)
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  1. Do you have legit copies of these games? Also overclocking your cpu may help :D
  2. Yes, overclocking your CPU may help as it might be causing a bottleneck. Most games are coded to use 2 to 4 cores, so they won't be using up all 6 cores but the 3Ghz clock speed could be causing the bottleneck.

    If overclocking does not help then it is more likely a software issue (games not being optimised)
  3. Arkham City is very badly optimized, I get the same low GPU usage. Starcraft 2 is very CPU heavy, and clock speed dependent, so overclocking your CPU will help a lot.
  4. Wait for vertical sync? Turn down anti-aliasing
  5. They are correct. Blizzard Entertainment is known for primarily using 2 threads in their games, and thus you need higher clock rates. If you overclock it to 3.4-3.6 you should see a significant improvement in your gameplay, as well as graphics usage. Info is moved from the CPU to GPU, so because it's bottlenecked, the GPU doesn't have to run at 100% to process all the info it gets.

    Also, as danwat said, make sure VSync is DISABLED.
  6. thanks guys, you were all correct so i dont want to be unfair and give someone best answer over another.
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