Where Have the Phenom II x6 Black Editions Gone

I recently noticed that no stores carry any of the Phenom II x6 Black Edition processors. Has AMD discontinued production, or are they really just all out of stock? New Egg, TigerDirect, Microcenter, BestBuy, and many other sites don't show anything available. Anyone know a legitimate place for me to get one of these? If worsts comes to worst I will get the locked 1045T @ 2.7GHz or go with an x4. I'm upgrading from a x3 720 BE.
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    They have been discontinued since the end of last year, the fabs on the Phenoms and Athlons was discontinued for reasons that would make business sense but not to a consumer. With a FX 8120 rather modestly priced now at $165 odd, if you have a AM3+ board, then go with that.

    If you don't have a AM3+ board then go with a Phenom II x 4 965/975/980 or the x 4 960T which you can potentially unlock to a hex core.
  2. Discontinued...

    Those CPUs have been out of stock for months.
  3. AMD discontinued production of their Phenom IIs last year in favour of the new FX lineup. Since then the Phenom IIs have been rapidly disappearing from store shelves, especially after it turned out they were superior to the new FX CPUs in most respects.

    If you can't find a good X6 and don't have a board that supports the FX series CPUs, you're either going to have to settle for an X4, look on the secondary market, like eBay for a used X6, or get the 960T and hope you can successfully unlock the two extra cores.
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