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Nvidia GPU on AMD Mobo?

Hello :)

My question is, can I have an Nvidia GPU on a AMD Mobo?

I have Asus M5A97 Evo as my Mobo. Does it work if I install GTX 560 Ti?

If it does, which performance will fully utilize my Mobo? (Since its AMD and all) GTX 560 Ti or AMD 6950?

I hope I'm making my self understandable >_<
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    Yes you can install a single Nvidia card on a CrossFire AMD board.
    Both GTX 560Ti and 6950 will work at their full potential on that board.(Being AMD or Nvidia isn't important when you're using a single GPU,it becomes important when you're going to use more than 1 GPU)
  2. Yes of course man. AMD and NVIDIA is not completely enemy. They are just competiting :P

    Both 560 Ti and 6950 is fine. If you want more performance then get 570 or 6970
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  4. Thanks for the reply :D
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