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GTX 560 Crashing

Hello Folks,
Recently id been having an issue in Skyrim where after about 5-20 mins of gameplay my vid card would crash, i would lose my display and the fans (i believe on the vid card) would ramp up to max speed. After a bit of research i found i wasn't the only one having this issue with Skyrim, so i assumed i would just wait for the coming patch. However ive encountered the exact same issue with Batman Arkham City. After perhaps 60 - 90 mins i had the same crash, display loss and fan ramping as in Skyrim. This happens in Batman whether or not im using DX11 features. Ive tried turning down the graphics and resolution to no avail. However my PC has no issues running other games, such as Rage, on full graphics for hours on end. Basically im pretty stumped here. I have the latest Nvidia beta drivers and have reinstalled Skyrim several times.

My System specs:
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
Athlon 2 Tri Core 3.3Ghz proc
8gb of Ram (running at proper voltage)
Zotac GTX 560 Vid Card

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,
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  1. Having exactly the same issue.
    Unfortunately, Zotac does not have newer bios available and switching Nvidia drivers does not change a thing. Currently using the latest beta 285.79.
    However, one thing *did* seem to make a difference. Using MSI Afterburner I sometimes underclock the GPU for about 50MHz and the game seem to run for longer without crashing.

    Looking at the GPU usage after the game crashes does not show that the GPU was overheated or overutilized which makes the drivers (or bios) suspicious.
  2. After underclocking the Core and memory I played batman for quite a bit of time with no crashing. This is a crappy workaround but it seems to help. Haven't tested skyrim yet but will update when I do.
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    In one of the other threads someone suggested to change the voltage to 1062 MHz. Haven't tried that yet.
    Tried with 100 MHz drop last night, after it crashed with 50, and it seemed better but I haven't played for long enough to be able to say that for sure. Will try the voltage advice tonight.

    Edit: Changing voltage did not help. Bringing the GPU clock down to ~750MHz allowed me to play for hours without crashing. It is not the best solution but for now is the only one that works.
  4. Yeah, thats what i initially underclocked to. Ive had zero crashes in Skyrim nor Batman: AC . Thanks for the help. Like you said not ideal, but i can play the games i want to play so ill take it!
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