Which Cooling is better?

Hello everybody=). Can you help me, please. My question is : which cooling system is better and more quite?
1. Gigabyte HD 6850 OC ->windforce 2x
2. MSI HD 6850 Power Edition -> Cyclone

Any help will be appriciated=)

P.S. If it`s important, i will not overcklock gpu.
P.P.S. Sorry for "possible mistakes" in text, my english not good=)
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  1. msi cyclone is better.
  2. Gigabyte will be quieter and will keep the card cooler.
  3. Pell380.Ye, ye.) Nice review) But this is just review, i can find same "nice" review for MSI Cyclone=) But i want to know "real" opinions.
  4. gigabyte for cooling
    msi for performance
  5. Thx all of you. Please close thread.
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