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Hi all,

I have a Dell Vostro 200 mini tower that has a 300w power supply. Everything is factory except RAM upgrade I did 2 months ago.

I watch a lot of movies so I need to somehow setup a dual monitor setup. I don’t think I can do this with factory Vostro 200 mini (IntelR G33/G31 Express Chipset Family 128 mb) OR CAN I? so I did some research and this is what I came up:

If you do offer advice please keep in mind that I have a 300w power supply and I really value keeping my machine as quiet as possible.

I figured out that I had 3 options:
1) Get a decent graphics card compatible that has the dual connecting monitor on one card.
2) PCI express video card.
3)DVI add card.

I don’t want to make the machine more noisy so I didn’t want to go with option #1.

The only tasks I really need to do that would need graphics processing is watching flash video and VLC media player and doing some cropping and filters in photoshop cs4. So I thought I would go with a cheap PCI express 128 mb card.

It was really hard finding out the differences between the three options and what would be the best option for my situation. I’m not really even sure what the difference between PCI express and DVI is. I also don’t know how to verify that the hardware I want to buy is compatible with my stock Vostro 200 mini tower. Please help me… Thank you.

I am open to doing option #1 if the graphics card is REAL quiet…

Thanks again.
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  1. you can get a fanless graphics card which means 0 additional noise to your system!
    not sure 300w will do but any low end graphics card uses a fanless design
    any of these should do
    of course these are only examples... but you can take them as reference
    AMD recommends a 400w or higher power supply for a system using the 6450 (the second link)
    so your power supply is obviously short... right now cant think of a gpu that can run on a power supply with less than 300w of juice... but keep digging maybe youll find one :D
  2. What is the difference between a regular graphics card, a PCI express card, and a DVI add card? If someone could briefly go over main differences.

    The PCI express card you gave me looks good:

    But 2gb of video ram seems like overkill for what I am trying to do. For video needs all I need to do is watch video and do photo editing in photoshop so I was thinking a 128 mb PCI express card for my SECOND MONITOR would be just fine and easier on my budget:

    The card I am using right now is onboard graphics I think and it is 128 mb and I am just fine with it so what did you guys think about the 128 mb ASUS PCI express card for my second monitor?

    And finally… how do I know if the ASUS PCI express card is compatible with my motherboard? I am asking because I might want to go with a different 256mb PCI express card and I will have to learn how to know if it will be compatible with my desktop.

    My PC: DELL VOSTRO 200 mini tower

    Thanks so much again!
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