Hp pavilion dv2500 laptop monitor not working

I am having HP Pavilion Laptop dv2500 & my monitor screen is blank & it is not working so can i have exact answer to solve the problem
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  1. Try connecting an external Monitor , to check if its the monitor that its failing. If you get a Picture, then its the either the monitor or the converter. Check it and comeback with an answer.
  2. More than likely, in my experience, the inverters go out more commonly than panels. Inverters are also dirt cheap and easy to swap out compared to panels. Jump on ebay and find an American supplier that has one for the dv2500. Will set you back less than $10 and give you a quick answer.

    That is ONLY if you get video on external monitor. If you get no video on external, your video card might be shot. Check HP's site for recall info, I know the dv6000 had video issues, not sure about the 2500 series... Hope that gives you a good start.
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