Fix stop spoolsv exe

when I am print
why printer spoolsv.exe stop service
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  1. Because I did not know why ? When i printer service printer spoolsv.exe stop
    Why? What is problem? I can not fine problem like
  2. Does the event viewer show anything useful?
  3. If you have vista or win7, go to start menu and type "msconfig", click "services", scroll down until you find "print spooler", Make sure the box is ticked, restart computer.

    If this doesn't work, go to start menu and type "services", scroll down to "print spooler", make sure that it has "service started" next to it, if it hasn't got that, right click it and select "start".

    hope this helped
  4. I had the same Problem, but it happend only once in a while.
    The problem was that if the Spooler recieved more than 2 Errors in a day it stoped restarting it.
    So check the the logger under printservice to see what caused the problem

    press Win+r and enter Services.msc select the Printing service and under the Tab "Recovery" select "restart the service" at "subsequent failures".
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