GTX 550 Ti vs. Radeon HD 4890, the sale ends this weekend!

I want to upgrade my video card to squeeze one more year or two out of my PC:

Mobo: ASUS IPIBL-LA, G33 chipset, only PCIe 1.0 x16
CPU: Core 2 Duo Q6600, 2.4Ghz
GPU: 8500 GT
Power supply: will be upgraded to a 650W

My two options are:

Radeon HD 4890, $70

Geforce GTX 550 Ti, $90

I'm really liking the 4890. I know it's 2 years old, but my PC is 4 years old.
I've read that it's even faster than the GTX 550 Ti, when not using AA.

Would like to hear opinions.
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  1. If they were the same price, then maybe the 550TI. But $20 more for a slower card, I'd probably get the 4890.
  2. i would say, overclock your cpu to 3+ ghz if you can, and yes, 4890 is faster than the 550ti but is a dx10 card, between, if you dont mind the lack of dx11, definately go with the 4890 but 550ti has dx11 feature
  3. I forgot to mention, I can't overclock on my motherboard.
    Yeah, I was aware of the lack of dx11, but that doesn't bother me too much.

    Thanks for confirming that the 4890 is indeed faster.
  4. I have two GTX 550 ti's and I have to agree with everybody else go with the 4890. The gtx 550 are at the bottom of the series. Heck the gtx 460 puts the 550 to shame. You won't be happy with the 550. Good luck
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