GTX 570 fans are extremely loud!


i just built a new pc. So i needed to install drivers.
My graphics card is the gigabyte gtx 570 OC. I installed drivers that came with the disk and was asked to restart the computer
and so i did. However, after when it restarted and booted up. My computer started to create so much noise. Im confident it is the graphics card. Using Nividia system performance tool, it showed an RPM of around 3500. I uninstalled the drivers and it the pc went back to normal, there was no noise. I dont understand. I obviously need the drivers to have 1080P resolution but cannot stand the noise.
it begins to increase noise when the 'welcome' text appears(Windows 7 home) GPU temp is around 32 degrees.

Any suggestions? please?
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  1. First, install the latest drivers for the card from the nvidia site and see what happens.
  2. FunSurfer said:
    First, install the latest drivers for the card from the nvidia site and see what happens.

    Ok. I downloaded and installed drivers 285.79 and restarted the pc. It is still the same
    Any other suggestsions?
  3. You can use MSI Afterburner to manually change the speed of your card's fans. You will have to find the optimum between fan speed and card temperature during load.
  4. I agree with FunSurfer about using MSI afterburner to adjust fan speeds accordingly and yes, the fans can get pretty loud. Once you have made sure that there isn't an actual defect with the card causing the fan fins to rub a heatsink or the fan cage then adjusting fan speed is pretty much all you can do. There is the slight possibility that a fan bushing could be bad but that would be very uncommon given the age of the card. Better airflow inside the case could take some workload off of the cards fan but it doesn't seem like it should be working too hard at 32C anyway. New cards are just loud. I joke about my 560 Ti whining like a 600cc motorcycle at load but it even annoys people I am in Skype with sometimes. The only other recommendation I can make is Zanax. It can really calm your nerves.
  5. I downloaded MSI Afterburner.

    The fan speed % was at 71. I reduced it to 51%. It made a huge difference in terms of noise. According to my Nvidia performance moniter GPU Temp is still 29-33, when im just using the net. Thankyou very much for helping me!!

    If i choose to play a game like crysis, the temp will go up. So i need to increase fan speed. Is there a way to do it so that when the temp increases, so does the fan? or do i just need to keep doing it manually?

    also where can i get a tool which displays cpu and gfx infomation during a game?

    Thankyou!! :D
  6. MSI afterburner can control fan speed according to temperature.
    Look in the manual (page 14 in the bottom):
  7. I've had the same problem - it started a few weeks after I got the card. I tried all the software fixes suggested.

    The only thing that works for me is to vacuum off the dust that builds up on the card.
  8. You need to download sapphire trixx or msi afterburner or even the nvidia control panel...just set the fans to auto...the system will never push them past 50%....not sure why you guys are setting them manually...GPUs are good with temps even up till 90c...after that gets risky.
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