SB Driver needed?

Hi everyone.
I have a 9600GT 512 (Am getting a 6850 in couple days,this is out of interest)and an AMD 780G chipset M3A78 Pro.
I can't find anywhere if Nvidia (or any other )drivers include any kind of chipset 'optimization' with them,like SLI.

Basically am I better off installing the SB drivers for the M/B or just using the Nvidia graphic drivers by themselves,and which order to install.
Or doesn't it matter because it will sort itself out.
And do I need to do it when I get my new V/Card

Hope not too stupid a question.

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  1. sli is when you have two of the same tyoe nvidia cards. crossfire is amd/ati. it simple what you want to do with a new video card.
    go to amd web page and download the newest drivers for the 780g chipset. amd now have all there mb chipset drivers in one package (version 12.4) you dont need the raid drivers. install them and then reboot. hit f8 on reboot go into safe mode and unstiall the nvidia video card drivers then run a nvidia or other drive sweeper to remove any of the nvidia drivers from the registry.power down the computer and unplug it from the wall and wait 5 min to let the mb and ps drain out. open case take out screw holding old video card in. on mb there be a white or colored clip locking in the old video card. with almost no force push down to unlock the old video card it should come out with ease. (ps unplug the video cables and power cable to the video card first). on new card connect power to in then plug it into the pci/agp slot till it clicks. the nscrew it down. before you close the case connect the power to the ps and power on the pc. all the fans should spin and you should see the bios post screen.
    let the pc boot into windows. when you get to the desktop install amd ccc 12.x or newer from there web page for your video card.the install drivers on the cd that comes with the video card are always months old. whe nthe driver is done installing power off the pc nd put the case back on. turn the pc back on and then run gpu-z for a bit as you use the pc to check that the fan and gpu are staying cool.
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