Laterst CPU's how do i know and check.

Ok so basicly this are my questions.

What are the latest intel and amd CPU's?

also were can i check and find the latest CPU's by order, so that i dont get confused?
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    latest intel cpu lineup - ivy bridge, core i3/i5/i5 3000 series, lga1155 socket. example: core i5 3570k, core i7 3770k.
    latest amd cpu lineup - bulldozer, fx 8000, 6000, 4000 series, am3+ socket. example: fx 8150, fx 6200.
    you can check for intel cpus, specs, datasheet etc.
    for amd,
    also, for amd and intel cpu pages.
    for benchmarks and reviews, check tom's cpu charts, search for the cpu you want to find review of.
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  3. now that is a PRO answer. thank you.

    the only mistake is you wrote i5 two times.
  4. my bad. i meant to type core i7.
  5. is ok, is not like i am that stupid!

    BTW: thank you
  6. Hi :)

    Another lazy kid who wants his HOMEWORK done for him :(

    All the best Brett :)
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