EVGA GTX580 1.5gb vs EVGA GTX580 3gb

Just bought a used i7 2600K with a EVGA GTX 580 1.5 mb installed.

Currenty i'm using my 50" plasma as a monitor. I'm sure the 580 1.5mb is more than up to the task.

But I would like to go tri monitor and go to high resolution monitors.Would I be wise to look around for a
good deal on a 3mb card and sell the 1.5mb card.

Or play as it is and when I but the new monitors look around then.
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  1. First of all,it's 1.5GB not 1.5MB :)
    I don't see any reasons to upgrade to a 3GB because in almost all games,the difference between 3GB and 1.5GB isn't much and not at all worth the extra cash
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