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Just wanted to get a few expert opinions on my planned build before I make a mistake. Asrock Fatality 990fx,AMD FX-8150,4x4gb g skill ripjaws 1600 ram, 2 Radeon 6770's in crossfire, (with thhese components the scorpius platform is supposed to be unlocked), CM silent pro 600 modular, HAF 932 AMD special edition case, CM n520 cpu cooler, 60 gb ssd,1.5 tb mechanical, and other extras. One thing that I'm concerned with is the Asrock website listed all 6000 series cards EXCEPT the 6770 as crossfire ready and I wasnt sure if it was a mistake or if anyone had tried it just to make sure that it would x fire.I have an xtra 6770 now and I was going to save money and just get another but if it wont x fire I'll just get a triple fan Gigabyte 6870 and sell off the 6770 (which was never used on a previous build). If anyone can direct me on this I would appreciate it. I dont want to but I will switch to a sabertooth or 990fx-ud5 if necessary. Thank you
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  1. How many PCI express slots does it have? i am positive its crossfire ready. i have the Sabertooth 990FX and i can do SLI on it, I know it does crossfire.
    If this is your board then i can guarantee it does Crossfire, cause it says so in details.
    But even tho ASRock and ASUS are basically the same company. I still like ASUS over ASrock however i am will to try them one day, since alot of their products look just like ASUS's product line. But for Xfire will will be fine up to 3 way. However your case may only support 2 way Xfire depending on what other cards (Sound cards, USB cards, sats Controllers etc)you may have in your board and with the 3rd Express slot being X4 its not worth getting the third card, unless you think multiple cards look cool
  2. geese, CF is a whole new bag of worms though. personally, when i upgrade, ill never use CF/SLI again. so my advice is to sell the extra card you had, and put it to a single better gpu set up.
  3. Thanks a bunch. It concerned me when all 6000 models were listed except the freakin one that i have What do you think of this for a single gpu?
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