Display crashes, blank screen on startup

Okay, so I have a very weird situation and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Tried googling but found nothing similar, I'll give an exact rundown on what has happened.

It started a while ago, I rarely, but sometimes got BSOD's while running more power hungry programs like video encoder for streaming coupled with a game and such, didn't pay too much attention to it first as they were rare and thought they were just programs conflicting or something similar.
Shortly after that I updated all of my drivers, everything seemed to be fine, only 1 BSOD, until yesterday.

While I was playing League of Legends my computer suddenly seemed to crash, I got short wavey blue horizontal lines all across the screen and my screen was completely locked down, I couldn't open up task manager or anything, BUT I was still hearing people talk on skype so things besides the display seemed to work fine. But since I couldn't do anything and my screen was locked all I could do was hold the power button to shut down. When I tried to start the game again shortly after the same thing happened about 3 seconds into the game. I thought that maybe my GPU was overheating.

The next day I cleaned everything of dust, checked the cables, the fans and everything and started the game again after the comp had been off for around 12 hours. The exact same thing about 5 seconds into the game.
Only this time when I rebooted it, I got no image. My monitor did act as if it picked up a signal, my computer seemed to run fine, all the lights turned on, keyboard and mouse seemed to work fine, only that I was getting a black blank screen. Even the motherboard loading screens and such didn't come on.

So I started with the most simple troubleshooting, switching around and testing RAM sticks. When I switched them around it started normally again, however, crashed the same way when I opened the game and yet again, no image upon powering on. So I tried every possible stick combination but still, nothing gave an image.

So I moved onto the next simple thing I could think of. Removing the CMOS battery for 5 minutes and putting it back in. Strangely enough, this made me get back my image, but I really doubt it's a permanent solution, so I haven't started a game yet. Also my clock is completely wrong and some of my tray icons are invisible now (though I guess this is expected by removing the CMOS battery for a moment?)

I really didn't know where to post this, but since this seems to be display related, I figured this was the best place. I also really can't find any connections as to why doing such seemingly irrelevant things gets my image back, I don't see any patterns or anything. Google answers were either vague, under different circumstances or just off. I can browse and listen to music and such easy, it only starts acting up in games I think.
I'm scratching my head here, confused. Also, I know my way around computers, but I am no specialist, so please keep that in mind when trying to help me.
Added my dxdiag report below, for all the specifications needed.

Any help much appreciated.
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  1. Hmm... Maybe the GPU or the monitor is defective.
  2. I doubt that it's the monitor, otherwise why does it crash only when I play games? Doesn't explain the BSOD's either, which I think are connected.

    GPU could be another thing, but the thing is, I'm not exactly keen on just replacing a GPU like that. I don't have a spare GPU to test if it's that either.
    I've had this setup for years now.
    Why would things like removing the CMOS battery affect if I get an image or not, though
  3. Where do it says that removing CMOS battery will affect the Image? I don't think it is something to do with CMOS battery. It should be something to do with the GPU/Monitor. What is the plug of the monitor? DVI/VGA/HDMI? Seems to be a DVI. Your card is GTX 260 right? have you try to use another input interface? Have you try this monitor on other system with the same game?
  4. All I got was a blank image every time I rebooted. I removed the CMOS and put it back in and I got my image back, for now. And yes it's DVI. Same thing with RAM

    Unfortunately I don't have any other system to test this.
  5. That is a very hard solution. I think you should borrow someone system. Like borrowing your friend VGA/HDMI Adapter, GPU, Another desktop system or Monitor.
  6. I just ran into the same problem. It actually started off with me trying to fix a unable to authenticate certifcate error i get when i try to access the in game store. So i looked around and my last solution i tried was to use windows Fixit to reset all of internet explorer's settings back to default. Of course that did not help. So i just carried on and played the game, and the EXACT same problem arises. Screen freeze, blue lines, pixelation, skype is fine because i can still communicate with people. And eventually the computer goes blue screen of death and turns off itself. I thought it was GPU too, so i cleaned it and monitored the temperature, but they are at normal temperature. I really dont know what the problem is.
  7. Sound like a GPU going bad, or overheating, a PSU going bad, or even another component overheating.

    Read up on Furmark, monitor it closely and watch it run for ten minutes, don't let your temperatures get too hot, shut down Furmark if the CPU or GPU goes over 90c. But if they get that high really fast its probably a heating issue.
  8. it doesnt seem to be overheat problem because i ahve EVEREST running , and its not alerting me to any over heat. I just ran Furmark BURNOUT test, and low and behold after 5 seconds of testing, the same blue squigly lines come up and my screen freezes. Is there a support section or can anyone tell me what this teams?
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