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Hi, two months ago I bought a new laptop, and yesterday a new monitor. When looking at the screen, it kinda looked 'not-sharp,' so I checked the resolution, and it is set at 1366x768 as maximum. The monitor I got allows for 1920x1080 HD resolution, cause every time I start the compi a small box appears and says "Recommended resolution 1920x1080."

I installed the HP driver for the screen that came with the CD, it didn't help. I called ASUS support, and they told me to get their newest driver, and that didn't help.

How could I increase the resolution to 1920x1080?
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  1. right click at the desktop and go to screen resolution(for win7), and set it to 1920x1080.
    if you have xp, right click and choose proerties, and the last option would be the screen resolution, get the optimum resolution, see if that helps
  2. Are you using it in duplicate mode?

    Try switching to extended using the "Windows key" + P
  3. I've Win7, so when I right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution, there is a lever which I can move up and down. And the max there is 1366, no more. If I right click and select Graphics Properties, I can select from a list, where the max is again 1366.

    Dunno what duplicate mode is, but if it pertains to how many screens I use, just one, the external one. The laptop is closed and off.
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