DVI to HDMI (vs.) HDMI to HDMI

Hey all, I'll get right into it mang.

So basically I'm a little confused and could use a bit of an explanation. I'm getting a new graphics card for my desktop for Christmas (6950) and I plan on hooking this up to my new 50 inch plasma tv.

Which type of connector would be better, a DVI to HDMI or just a straight up HDMI, and why?

Thanks for the assistance!
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  1. If you use a DVI to HDMI converter, the picture will work perfectly normal, but you will not have sound through HDMI as the DVI port will not be able to send it.

    If you go directly through HDMI, you can use your TV's speakers.
  2. Ahh that makes sense, thank you very much!

    I think I'm going with the HDMI then.
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