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If i had a 500W power supply, and graphics card and CPU in my PC both using 400W.. Would the 700W be able to handle it? (400W + 400W = 800W > 700W) I just want to be entirely sure before building my rig.. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I may be wrong but a CPU using 400 watts seems a bit overboard. What CPU and MOBO are you going to be running? What GPU? by the sounds of it i would suggest an 850w minimum. Have a look at this.

  2. you would need to have a heavy OC to be using 400W on a CPU. id bet its more like 120W at most. as for the video card... even high end cards generally dont use more than 400W unless you buy some dual core monster.
  3. i have never, ever seen a 400W CPU in my life. My GPU doesn't even take up that much power. Are you sure that is what it is?
  4. Llama: If you're looking at PSU recommendations from the CPU/GPU mfrs then you're looking at total system power consumption and not power consumption for each part. What are the system components for your build?
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