Cant open the side panel (Fractal Design arc midi) :D

I just bought a new arc midi chasis but oddly I can't seem to opan the side panel no matter how much force i put into it.
I've unscrewed the back screws and it doesn't open. the other panels (top, front, other side) are opened easily.
What should I do? SERIOUSLY!!! :D
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  1. FYI It's the left panel, it's supposed to open by sliding it to back. I checked youtube and people open it very easily; but mine is STUCK!! ffs lol
  2. umm look into the manual
  3. It's stuck? Is it dented anywhere?

    Try slapping (seriously) the panel a little bit around the perimiter, not too hard to damage it though. Try wiggleing it back and out at the same timer afterwards.
  4. I have the same on my Fractal Arc Midi case - I just can't get the side panel off. If I try any harder, I'm concerned I might damage it.

    Anyone had the same?
  5. Turns out the side must've been forced on the manufacturer, as it simply doesn't fit the case properly. It causes damage to the inside and scrapes away the paint.

    I'm going to have to send it back, as when its full of hardware I'm not going to be able to bang the computer around to get it off and then hammer it to get it back on.

    Faulty batch I guess, annoying though!
  6. the align clips on the panel itself can be adjusted for ease of panel closure. a slotted screwdriver slipped into the notches on the panel and opening thme up a little can ease the panel removal in the future. especially the ones in the front. my midi was tough, till i opened the hooks, now like butta..

  7. im gunna use a plexi panel for the left-side panel. wanna show off the interior. will post later.

  8. Hi airdeano

    it turns out the panel was heavily rusted, th is pushed the clips and the clamped down edges out. This meant that the side panel was too warped from the rusting to properly fit.

    Currently trying to source a replacement from the supplier. Please let me know how your side panel looks and where you got it from, as i would like to look at installing one!
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