First time builder. need advice.

im building a gaming pc and i want to run bf3, skyrim and cs:go. i have selected my parts. i just need your advice on how well they will work together and if they will fit inside my case? thanks. i play on a single 1080p monitor. i also plan to do an sli in the future and i am wondering if two cards will fit.

cpu: i5 2500k or a 2500
gpu: or a tell me which one is better

other questions: do i really need a 64mb cache hdd? please give me some links to hdd that you think are more worth the money but keep it at 7200rpm?
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  1. 1. Go with either the i5 2500k or the i5 2400 since the i5 2400 is basically an i5 2500k without the ability to overclock while the i5 2500k can overclock. If you go with the i5 2400, then you DO NOT need an aftermarket heatsink and fan
    2. Both gtx 560Ti's are good. They're the same chip, meaning it has the same performance, go with the one you like better or the one with better reviews.
    3. Everything else looks fine, if you want a cheaper case, the Rosewill Challenger is a great case at around $50
  2. If i were you, for the video card, i would go with the EVGA, i heard they have lifetime warranty and way better support.
  3. Only things I'd suggest are an EVGA 560Ti with a lifetime warranty (product code ends in AR) and a better HDD. Of the two you listed, I'd probably go with the MSI - I'm pretty happy with my MSI Hawk 560Ti.

    I've used EVGA and must say that they're one of the best and their customer service is easy to deal with (since they're based in the USA).

    Seagate's drives 5 years ago were stellar - now they're basically bottom of the barrel in terms of reliability. You'll be better off with a Samsung F3 (preferred) or a WD Black/Blue.
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