Mobo/CPU/Vid Card Combo, around 350/400$

I just sold my old pc for 650 bucks, looking to get something newer now with the same money.

Parts I dont need: Case (I want a corsair carbide 400), ram (easy 20 bucks), psu (already looking at a seasonic), dvd drive.
This leaves 350, 400$ or so to spend on a new mobo, cpu, and vid card.

I'm having trouble picking if I want to just go with an i3 2100 and an hd 6870, or go for an fx 4100 since Ive been seeing alot of posts around here about how its better or as good as the i3. With the fx chip i can get a better featured mobo for the same price.

Any help would be appreciated! thanks a bunch
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  1. I don't know of any posts saying that a fx cpu is as good or better than an i3 cpu. I would without question stick with the i3 or any Sandy Bridge cpu over anything that AMD has to offer. If you are using the Pc for gaming then that's what you want if it's for proctivity then you could consider the Fx cpu.
    What is the watts on the power supply that you are looking at?
  2. 520 watts I think. I can't afford a cf/sli build so its enough for anything

    EDIT: its a 620 watt. the way sales on newegg are right now, the 620 is only 10$ more than the 500ish watt version, and there is 6$ shipping on the 500 version as well. its the S12II psu. 620 watt is only 70$ right now
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