Sub $50 Aftermarket Cooler for GTX 570

I've been looking around for a cooler for the GTX 570. I saw TH's review for the GTX 480's coolers: Zalman's VF3000F, Accelero XTREME Plus, Thermalright's Shaman, and Deepcool's V6000, but they are all +$70. Does anybody know of decent coolers for under $50, preferably around $30?.

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Prolimatech MK-13 - $55
Gelid Icy Vision - $55
Deepcool Dracula - $55 (can't seem to find it in e-tail stores though...strange, perhaps they renamed it?)
Spire's Skymax SP286S1-V1-PWM - $59 (Also missing from stores)

Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo II - $46
Scythe Setsungen-2, $46 - uses a Noctua NF-S12B ($25)

Now lets see if I can *find* one for around $30...
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  1. What brand GTX 570 do you have?
  2. Brand is Gigabyte, although I'm not quite sure how this affects the availability.
  3. Does anyone know of the Xigmatek Bifrost-II VD1065? It seems to be MIA from stores, nor has a selling price. The original Bifrost VD1065 goes for $40, and if it's the same price, it may be a good choice in the matter.
  4. I didn't think Gigabyte used reference coolers for their GTX 570 cards. The aftermarket coolers on the Gigabyte cards have received praise for their cooling capability and low sound output.

    Is yours broken or something?
  5. No, I had just bought it and wanted to get an aftermarket on it, as I heard the cards run hot.

    GV-N570D5-13I-B is the model. It did not specify that it had an aftermarket cooler, so I had assumed it was a reference.
  6. Huh, that is a reference cooler; didn't even know Gigabyte shipped that card. Take a look at these aftermarket coolers:

    I've heard only good things about them.
  7. Those are all above $65, I'm looking for coolers below $50, preferably around $30.
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