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Dell Dimension 8300 CD/DVD ROM help

hi i have an old 8300 i was setting it up for my brother with windows it had no HDD so i installed a new one(sata)and the cd drive wont reconize(cd drives are ribbon cables)

heres what happens:

#1: bios screen appears and loads normal

#2:*can hear CD drive spin up go really fast and then slow down and stop*

#3:a thing appears saying: STRIKE F1 TO RETRY BOOT, F2 FOR SET UP UTILITY

*Restarted same thing happens again again and again* :p

i have tried both CD drives and none work i Goggled for help and some people were saying it was a problem between the setup/cables with the IED CD drive and the sata cables :pfff:

i didn't seem to have this problem before and the hard drive is brand new

any ideas :??: :??: :??:
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  1. Have you went into the bios settings to see if the BIOS sees the hard drive? maybe the hard drive is too new for the bios. might have to update the bios. just a thought
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    i just fixed it

    problem:the CD drives cable wasn't 80 pin only 40 which mean not csel compatible i set the normal CD to master and the DVD ROM to slave works great now

    i feel stupid lol :??:
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