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Hi all,

I've excited to get back to building my own rigs, its been a while and could use some general advice on what you think of the components i'll be using( pricing, compatibility, missing hardware, etc...)


Case: Fractal Design Arc Mini
PSU: Corsair Professional Series™ HX750
Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 8GB kit
CPU: Core i5-2500K
MB: Maximus IV GENE-Z
Cooling: Hydro Series™ H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
HDD: Corsair Force 3

Total: 1100 (New egg and Amazon)

I already have optical, nvidia 570 and sound card because I have a good headset.

My plan is to OC to 4.2-4.7. It looks like i don't really need liquid cooling but i wanted to get used to working liquid cooling using relatively cheap hardware and to reduce noise a bit. This will be purely for gaming so I don't need alot of storage ( BF3, SWTOR, Skyrim).

My main concerns are the motherboard(is there a better cheaper) and is the 750W a major overkill (I do plan to reuse for my next build next year which will dual GPUs).

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  1. The H60 water cooler is not as good as a decent air cooler

    The silverstone TJ 08e is a better m-ATX case IMO
  2. how are the noise levels on silverstone TJ 08e?
  3. Does it HAVE to be a mATX build?

    Check out my $900/$1000 build here:
    Though it's just little things I'd change to save some money. You don't need my GPU I suggest though since you have the 570.

    For a quiet ATX case I'd go with the NZXT H2
    Only $85 after promo.

    For the mATX I'd stick with the Fractal.

    As for the H60 agreed it's a terrible cooler for the price as is all the Hydro series coolers. Their dBA is not that much better than air coolers cheaper than it.
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