NZXT SENTRY 2 problem

I recently bough an NZXT Sentry 2 Fan controller for my Zalman Z9 Plus case. The problem I'm having is that the screw holes where the 5.25" drives go, don't line up with the screw holes on the fan controller...Is this a common problem with this case? Is there a way to secure it without screwing it in our a different way to screw it in?

PLZ respond this is the last part of my build and I want to get it finished ASAP
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  1. i have run into such things in the past with controller and drives. most cases have 2 long slits to screw into as well as holes to place screws into. if you dont have these then i would take a drill and make holes in the case to fit the screws. its very easy to do just takes a drill or punch and a bit of measuring.
  2. Yeah, I'm too lazy for that. I've decided I'll just used duct tape :) It looks fine and is solid in there
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