400 WATTS enough?

Hey gang,

Got a great deal on a DELL (I usually build my own) (Vostro 460).

Here are the specs:

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 (w/VT ,3.4GHz, 8MB cache)
4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz - 2DIMMs
500GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache
Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, 64bit
Standard DVD burner, Integrated Networking/Sound

Planning on turning this into a sleeper gaming machine.

I already have this brand new.

It only has 1 PCI-E power connector. I'm planning on dropping in a 6850 which only requires one connector, unless you guys can think of another more powerful card with one connector.

My question is... will it be enough to power my system? Its a quality PSU and I have been told that it's probably better than alot of 550w and 600w PSU due to the amperage. Thanks for the input.
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  1. A 7850 would be a good card for that machine: It will cost a bit more, but it will run better too.
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    An HD 6850 requires a 450W PSU with at least 25A on the 12V rails and (1) 6-pin PCIe power connector; amps on the 12V rails is more important than watts. The PC P&C MKIII with 30A on the 12V rail is sufficient for your build and is made by outstanding OEM: Seasonic.
  3. Seasonic PSUs are amazing (that's just a rebranded Seasonic PSU) but 400 watts is probably below what I would consider a safe minimum. It should work but you'll be running over the advertised max output load when doing some heavy gaming for sure. This could void the warranty on all of your components and potentially cause damage, be careful
  4. A system with a 2500K and an HD6870, running Prime95 and Furmark to maximize load pulls about 270W:

    The HD6870 requires more power than the HD6850.
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