Enough for crossfire?

it has enough connections for it, but i dont know if it will work, i know my mobo is compatable but the only thing delaying my decision is this.

all help is appreciated

PSU [...] 0eco%20520

GPU [...] 6814102908
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  1. You'll need to fix your links.
  2. You'll be fine to crossfire 6850s on that PSU.
  3. Are you sure,I know others say to get a 600w,but that doesn't make sense, I did the calculations,and it would only be around 450-475w
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    Well lets put it this way: If you're looking to buy that PSU and a pair of 6850s I would defiantly get a larger PSU than that one. If you own the PSU and a 6850 already then adding a 2nd card will work fine enough, the PSU just won't have as much head room for extras, such as multiple disk drives, CD/DVD drives and overclocking.

    EDIT for more detail: The big thing is that yes, it is recomended to have a larger PSU watt wise, but that PSU is pushing out 40amps on the 12v rail. It is recomended to have 35amps for 6850s in crossfire. Generaly lower watt PSUs won't have that kind of amperage on the 12v rail.
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  6. Alright, since i already own the psu, ill just buy a new monitor and then crossfire them. Thank you very much
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