Sub $2800 3930k Rig

Hi all!
Although I am a fairly experienced PC user, this will be my first home-built rig. I am not looking for ultimate gaming performance, but definitely 3 monitors (maybe like 6950 or something.) Besides that, haven't really got too many requirements. I would really love some SSD's in RAID 0, or maybe an OCZ hybrid revodrive would be better? Either way, Read write speeds 500 MBps and above is very important to me, Here is a more detailed list:

Approximate Purchase Date: August-September 2012

Budget Range: $2800, don't really care about rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: 2 virtual machines AND windows at the same time!! (32 GB of ram) SolidWorks /AutoCAD/Photoshop/Movie editing, some gaming, all around power. Not in favor of a workstation card though, much prefer 6900 or 7900 series!

Parts Not Required:OS, keyboard, Mouse, software in general

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: NEWEGG NEWEGG NEWEGG!!

Country: usa
Overclocking: Yes!

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: Already picked out 3 24" ASUS 1920x1080

Additional Comments: HAving 32 GB RAM is very important to me. Also a case with a window. And a 3930k of course!
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    You may order two of some items such as the ssd's. I use biostar boards, but few on this website recommend them, and their 2011 model had no customer reviews. I also use an ocz ssd, and it's worked better than some other brands I've tried. I didn't select an expensive case, just one that will get the job done. I use antec and ocz power supplies; dealt with both for warranty, and they were helpful. I forgot to specify two sets of the corsair ram; it's only 1333 but a matched set and Intel only recommends 1333 for warranty. The 8 gb sticks are too expensive, but your board has 8 ram slots, so you can run 32 gb with the ram I selected.
  2. experiencedN00b said:
    Approximate Purchase Date: August-September 2012

    Budget Range: $2800, don't really care about rebates

    Huh?! The prices, components, you name it will ALL be different in 7~8 months from now. There's absolutely no reason to 'research' a build now...
  3. August-September?? Really?

    Obviously you don't know anything about the computer market. Come back and post in early August and we can help you out.

    X79 will be obsolete by then. X79 is supposed to have a shorter life than X58. It's the Intel way.
  4. Just frigging yesterday I added a Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR240GB to my NewEgg shopping cart, it was $269.99 + free shipping, this morning when I was adding more stuff to a build it came up $314.99 + $4.99 shipping <or> +49.99.

    So even day by day shopping is a PITA enough!
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