New cpu, old Hard drive?

Hello, i got a new cpu, new motherboard , and an old xp hard drive with no xp disc. I have windows 7 on my usb, used unetbootin on my mac to make the iso uncompressed, changed it to nfts from fat32,( when it was fat32, when trying to install windows i got a count down error) now that it is nfts format when i power up my motherboard and have the usb on first boot the screen shows up like normal saying press f2 for this press f8, or w.e it is, then it goes black with a cursor on the top left.

I have run out of things to do and i am completely stumped, will someone that can honestly help me out, HELP!!
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  1. Did you make the usb ntfs partition bootmanager compatible?
    In windows you would use the bootsect command with an nt60 parameter. How you do it in a mac is unknown to me.
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