Wanting to build a Core gaming pc 500-600 budget

Ok so this will be my first time ever building a PC. Before diving into this new adventure i want to be ABSOLUTELY sure about the parts i am getting and what not. My budget is roughly 500-600 dollars for the Machine. I don't need Mouse, OS, Keyboard, Monitor, and im fine with onboard sound. I have been favoring this build i found on another fourm:

Processor (CPU): Phenom II X4 840, £77.81
Graphics (GPU): 1GB XFX HD6670, £59.59
Motherboard: MSI 870-G45, £50.24
Memory (RAM): 4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz, £22.08
Storage (HDD): Samsung HD502HJ 500GB 7200RPM (or equivalent), £31.43
Power Supply (PSU): Corsair CX430W, £36.52
DVD-Drive: Any DVD-RW drive, £13
Case: £30 allowance
Which when put through google converter comes to $508.00
Source: The comfy Chair: http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/...re-t10381.html

So my questions are is this a sound build that should be able to max out GW2 on say 1280x1024 res, and run modern games like Skyrim or Kingdom of amalur. Also is there any parts that should be replaced with something else or do i need any additional fans. Anything and everything would be helpful and i thank you for your help .

Also im thinking about swapping out the ghpx card for a 6770 instead of a 6670 that the build suggests. This should work with the rest of the build right?
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  1. Your system with the 6770 would be considered low-mid these days so the term "max out" will rarely apply. That CPU is just a bit behind a Core i3-2100 in capability. I have both. The AMD runs my HTPC.

    Even with the 6770, you will be limited to lower settings on some of the stuff in Skyrim, but it will still be playable. Should be fine on the other games, and Skyrim may actually improve with further updates. I don't play it, but I hear it still has a few minor kinks. If the budget allowed, a 6850 card would be preferred. It would also require a 80 plus certified 500w or better PSU.

    There have also been many reports of noisy fans and squeals coming from that PSU. Corsair is normally excellent, but not in the builder series it seems. You might opt for an Antec 430 or even 500w.

    I would also swap the MSI for a Gigabyte or ASUS mobo. Just better quality.
  2. the system with 6770 will MAX OUT ANY GAMES at 1280X1024.
  3. drunkducki said:
    the system with 6770 will MAX OUT ANY GAMES at 1280X1024.

    I think that drunkducki has been hiittng the sauce too much and is living uo to his user name if he thinks that a 6770 will max out any game. It might not even play BF3 at medium settings never mind max it out. You shouldn't be posting fictional comments like that people come here for help and advice on thier builds and your comment dosn't help.
  4. If you can swap out the cpu for a i3-2100 and get a matching motherboard and a 6850 video card and still be within your budget more or less then the build will be much better and you will get very enjoyable performance in your games.
  5. ROFL my friend plays BF3 at medium settings with 6770 at 1920x1080 perfectly fine and you are saying 6770 cant even play bf3 at medium at 1280x1024. Not trying to start a war here i'll stop here. peace.
  6. Ok , sorry about the sauce comment but I couldn't resist. On your friend who plays BF3 on med. , has he tried to play on ultra settings with that card? There is always a lot of debates here about who can play what game with what settings and with what cards so any info is generaly helpful. A lot of people are on tight budgets so the video cards are important for price reasons and performance levels.
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