Can I upgrade the CPU for my computer?

I have a desktop I have been using for playing games. It isn't by any means a gaming laptop, but I have been trying to rig it to play the games I want to play at medium to low settings until I can afford to just get a new system completely. After replacing the integrated graphics with a proper graphics card, I thought I might be okay. But I have found that my CPU is actually weak for running more recent games. I was wondering if it was feasible to upgrade my CPU. I have been doing research, but basically I have come to a point beyond my scope. I have a mobo with a 775 socket for a CPU, and my current CPU is an Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.8GHz. I was wondering if this was able to be upgraded. I'm assuming you may need more information on my CPU, so I downloaded CPU-Z and ran it. I read something about 65 nm vs 45 nm. Mine is a 65 nm (this is like typing chinese for me). The motherboard is a Dell, Model No. 0CU409. Are there any better CPUs that I can purchase that would work in my system? What other information do you need to be able to tell? Thanks for any assistance
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  1. Your only option if you choose to keep the 775 mobo is getting a Core 2 Quad CPU which in the open market is rather expensive. As long as you have a good graphics card, all you really need is a decent CPU like a 2nd gen. Core i3, so it's best that you move onto 1155 socket. If you want something that would last you longer, Core i5 is unbeatable.
  2. Theres not alot of upgrade options for Dells typically.
    You can go to the link below and enter your service tag and then see what processors are available as replacement parts. Not that you should buy from Dell... just what they say will work.
  3. I ended up upgrading it. I tried the Dell website to search for parts, but it wasn't much help. But, I did manage to find the forums for my desktop and found a list of upgrades. I had to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo (I'm assuming that's what KivBlue meant) 3.0 GHz CPU. It ran me about 70 bucks.
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