GTX 570 for $280

Hola people. I just ordered an ASUS GTX 570, the bulky one with the DCII cooling parts. I was just browsing, and i came across this card for 260 bucks with 20 bucks shipping. It's used but it's gauranteed to be flawless or you can return it. I had to buy it just because i feel like if anyone else saw it, they would pick it up in an instant and i had to seize the opportunity. I am currently running a single gtx 460 768 MB. Is this a good deal for the upgrade? I kinda feel bad that i bought it on impulse. Was it a wise purchase?
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  1. It was a decent deal, and how well it performs depends on your system.

    It will definitely perform heaps better then your current 460 though.
  2. Q9450, 6 GB DDR2, 750 watt PSU. I figured noting would bottleneck it. An i7 isn't necessary, right?
  3. You are paying $20 shipping ? What kind of place are you buying this card from ? I never heard of shipping costs that high except on e-bay. Did you buy this card on e-bay ? Used cards on e-bay don't go that fast and sometimes don't sell at all because they are used and people think that used and on e-bay then there has to be something wrong with it. There is no reason for them to be charging $20 for shipping other than to put the price higher , I have sold video cards on ebay and it doesn't cost $20 to ship. But if the card works without any problems then it will be ok. Right now that card is $339.99 and a $30 rebate for $319.99 on Newegg. So for $40 more you could have got a brand new card with a warrenty.
  4. I suppose its a good deal if you dont mind the triple slot deal. Id be nervous of the used deal considering your paying 20 dollars shipping. Even with a guarantee....cause I bet, it will cost you to send it back too. You might get your money back, but with the shipping to your house and back, youll be a bit lighter in the wallet department.

    Also note there is a NEW 570 for 269.99 with free shipping via rebates on newegg right now.
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