Hiss problem from my pci sound card

hello, m in urgent help to my speakers i have an 2.1channel creative speakers recently i brought a cheap sound card (INTEX) when i connect my speakers to it it gives to loud sounds means no distrubution of sound i.e satellite speakers n woofer when bass is blown from speakers it gives a distortion to the satellite speakers as well evwn though if i fully lower my computer volume control the distorted sound of song comes out..! need help ne software for pci sound cards..?pelase suggest

any software tht can make distrubution of sound means treble to satellite n increase bass for woofer and euqilisers for setting it up...! in despera :bounce: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: te need
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  1. go into the sound cards mixer panel and ajust the bass levels there. Check that its set for 2.1 speaker setup too.
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