6850 Crossfire vs 6950

I'm looking to build a gaming computer and I'm confused about which GPU to get. I'm stuck between the 6850 crossfire and the 6950. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but i do game frequently. I also edit videos, photoshop and stuff like that.

CPU: AMD FX-4100 3.60 GHz Quad-Core AM3+ CPU 4MB L2 Cache & Turbo Core Technology
Motherboard: GigaByte GA-970A-D3 AMD 970 Socket AM3+ ATX Mainboard
Ram: 8 gb/16 gb DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory
PSU: Raidmax RX-850AE 80 Plus Gold Power Supply 850 Watts

I would like the computer to last me about 4-5 years.
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  1. HD 68xx series is known for Microstuttering when CF, so you'd better stay away from this and get the HD 6950s. I see that you have a Bulldozer there, also OC it to the max this will allow you to get the most performance and increase your FPS.
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