Looking for Dark Purple LED or Cathode Lighting Case Mods

So, I've just built a new pc using a coolermaster HAF 922 case, and I'm looking to mod it and create a red and purple lighting scheme. I've spent the last couple hours looking at different LEDs and cathodes, but they don't seem to match what I'm looking for. I'd like a darker purple glow to complement the red LEDs already present, but I've read that cathodes are too white and UVs are too dim to be noticed.

My questions are:
1. Are there any products you could recommend to achieve a brighter dark purple effect without looking white or pastel?
2. If there answer to #1 is no, does anyone have personal experience with UV to tell me just how dim it is?

Any advice that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. As far as the cathodes, yes. Those particular cathodes were the first ones I looked at. After googling them, they apparently are much more white than they are purple. I've even read people say that the white was so bright that any other lights in the case are eclipsed by them. That strip looks more promising. What type of inverter would I have to buy to use those? Are those safe to use in a case? Also, I just noticed those are UV, so have you used them? I'd be curious as to whether or not they are very visible.
  3. Well it's like a strip of led's that are in a rubbery/plastic containment that have sticky stuff on the bottom. You can stick them just about everywhere in your case :)
  4. :( The more I read about UV, the less it looks like a viable option for me. I guess another question I could ask is what adjustable color options are there? I've seen a couple of LED strips that can be set to a specific color, but I'd like to weigh my options.
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  6. I use UV Cathodes to clean my waterloop, but a lot of people have UV reactive tubing on their rigs too,
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