6950 XFIRE not working. HELP!

Asus P6T SE Mobo
Corsair AX 850w PSU
i7 975 EE processor
2 Sapphire 2GB 6950's
6gb corsair mem

OK heres whats going on, it seems that my crossfire setup isnt doing its job after i play BF3. Heres how i figured that out.
Ive run Unigine Sanctuary to check for benchmarks after reinstalling to latest 11.11 driver for my Sapphire 2gb 6950's. Here are my findings.

Immediately after reboot -
FPS - 162.4
SCORES - 6886
MIN FPS - 62.7
MAX FPS 217.7

+20% on power setting
FPS - 168.8
SCORES - 7156
MIN FPS - 116.1
MAX FPS 227.9

I then played Battlefield 3 for a short period, quit, and ran Unigine Sanctuary again.

FPS -76.6
SCORES - 3249
MIN FPS - 60.7
MAX FPS 94.1

Another time to double check

FPS -77.5
SCORES - 3287
MIN FPS - 62.6
MAX FPS 91.6

ive been having this feeling that Crossfire wasnt working correctly! HELP!

edit: also, some sounds are not working either... like the squadmates telling me that the enemy is taking the control point, etc. Ive fixed this before by reinstalling drivers. I'm going crazy with all these problems! I also get random BSOD, Atikmpag.sys Ive run a mem test and test completed successfully without error.

Any suggestions??
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  1. try checking CCC and make sure you have crossfire enabled. Battlefield 3 is a graffics card burner, make sure you have proper air flow thru your case. temperatures might be peaking and you are overheating your primary card. run the game again and check gpu temps to make sure they are in their safe operating temperatures.
  2. yes my temps are fine, i have very good cooling. and yes crossfire is turned on.
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