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Confusion while comparing graphics cards

I have however nobody sells them anymore. Since my ideas of doing crossfire are kind of shot I figured I might as well buy a new card or cards. I thought I understood the whole relationship between streaming processing units vs effective memory clock, but when comparing a later card:
it seems like it's a step back comparatively. Why the drop in >300 streaming processing units at the gain of just 50 effective memory clock value? I also read reviews about how crossfiring the 68.. series is not giving people smooth gameplay, but I don't want to drop 300 dollars or so on a 6970 for barely any improvement. Please help figure out what I am getting confused about for comparing graphic cards so that I may enjoy games like crysis 2 with directx11, deus ex human revolutions at crazy max, and rage. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Can't really answer all your questions, but according to Tom's the two cards are pretty similar.,3042-7.html

    And according to this comparison, the 6870 can crank out more M/pixels per sec.

    Maybe the streaming processor units are 'new and improved'.
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    You need to not worry about streaming porcessing units, and memory clock, and all that hoo-hah. Cards from different manufacterers (Nvidia and AMD) and even sometimes in different lines from the same manufacture dont follow the same performance for their "stats".

    Think of CPUs, a CPU from 3 years ago that is 3GHz isn't going to perform the same as one that is new that is 3Ghz, there is lot more to it then what meets the eye.

    With that said you just need to pay attention to benchmarks.

    So you want to compare the 6970 and the 5850?

    The 6970 is 22 percent more powerful than the 5850.

    The 5870 is MORE powerful than the 6870.

  3. I am going to save that chart, ty
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