Graphics Card Issue?

Hello my friends, I am having trouble playing games with my pc.

It usually happens 20 minutes or more into a game (counterstrike, skyrim, almost all games). The screen will go blank, lose signal, and the computer however remains on. I know its frozen because all usb devices are inactive, and sound does not work at all (forcing me to power it off).

I've formatted and tried different drivers. I have tried buying a new power supply, believing it may be a power issue. I bought a 600 Watt Thermal Take power supply.... still happened. I brought it into best buy, paid 70 dollars to have a diagnosis. They told me I was having hard drive failures (..... what?). So I replaced the hard drive and sure enough it is STILL happening.

So..... I went and did my own research and thought (my first opinion) it may be my graphics card. I was thinking, maybe its overheating. My graphics card is at 74-84 C while idling, and would reach temperatures up to 110 C (just playing simple old counter strike). Are these normal temperatures? Anyone think its normal and may be another issue?

-Windows 7 (32bit)
-2 Gigs DDR2 RAM
-AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor 5400B 2.81 GHz
-Geforce 8800 GT, 512 RAM
-ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus Motherboard
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  1. Wow, this is brutal to say the least. I reckon 110C is way too high, I might be wrong but CRAP! That's very very high. Not saying that this is the cause but I think you might be burning out your GPU. Sorry dude ^_<
  2. 74 - 110 C

    ...Whoa there.

    You WILL want to check if your card's fan is working and nothing is blocking the ventilation (dust, etc.)

    If that is clear, next step is check if your GPU's thermal grease is still good, and your graphics card heatsink is still fully seated on the chip..

    And PRAY that it hasn't burned out to death completely yet.
  3. Yea I though it was a bit unusual as well. Good news, however! (this also goes out to people having this issue). I took it back to check it out again and they gave me a free cleaning. Turns out it was so built up with dust that it was overheating the GPU. All it needed was a good cleaning. Now it wont ever pass 70 C even during gaming. Thanks a lot guys!
  4. One thing When Heat is a problem It will caues the hardwear to have a shorter life so watch it close. If you don't use a program to monitor the usage and Temps you should and if you do forget what I said. I am glad to see that you fix your own problem.
  5. Wow! Very Overheat GPU. I think the Coolers have problems.
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