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Missing CD/DVD Drive

For the last few months, I don't have a CD/DVD D drive. Unable to play CD/DCDs.
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  1. (couldn't find an edit tab!) Forgot to mention that I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate.
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    Do you see it lighting up and do you hear it spinning? Is it recognized by the bios?
    Yes, yes and yes? Good. Typical.
    dvd drives are inexpensive and expendable. The mechanism inside it is really easy to access and repair. Unscrew and pry it open, get rid of the accumulated dust, oil the two side bars with a film of all purpose oil and also clean the lens with rubbing alcohol or screen cleaner on an ear bud. DON'T OVERLY FORCE THE MOVING MECHANISM. Best of luck to you, this repair procedure has 40% success.
  3. Down at the lower right corner, the center icon (gray piece of paper with sort of a yellow lightning bolt) is the "Quick Edit" button.
  4. Just wanted to report that I still don't have a CD/DVD drive recognized by my PC. Yes, I can hear some spinning when I insert a CD. I will eventually take vx53c's advice and open up the tower and investigate, but it is such a hassle to unplug everything to do it, I'll probably do it when I desperately need to use it! I do appreciate the advice!
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  6. Look for software problems first. Goto computer icon, right click for properties, click device manager in upper left.

    In device manager look for yellow exclamation points? Do you have any? yes- Read what they say and post. no- then find the CD/DVD drive line and click it open. You should see your CD/DVD drive. IF not, post. If yes then highlight it and hit teh DELETE key. Save. Shutdown the system (not restart, shutdown to power off). Turn on computer. Win will find the CD and laod a fresh copy of the CD driver. Shoudl work now. If not post.
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