Trouble crossfiring 6850 & 6870

700W Power supply (Coolermaster)
ASrock P55 Extreme Motherboard
Trying to crossfire 6870 and 6850
OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD
8GB DDR3 1333 Ram

Ok so heres the deal, I got the ATI 6870 Diamond Media card off of Ebay at first I thoguht it was fried but it works and it is fully functional I guess it was I messed up installing it some way. Once I installed the 6850 to crossfire with the 6870 the Diamond 6870 no longer gives a display but the Visiontek 6850 does. If they are installed seperately and tested seperately they both run perfectly fine without a problem but once they are paired together the Diamond 6870 will not display a image while the Visiontek 6850 will. I have no clue why this is, I am questioning if I installed it wrong... but im not sure can someone please help me? Thanks
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  1. When enabling crossfire only the master card will output an image. Swap the cards (the 6870 should go in the first PCI-E slot), install the 6850 and crossfire cable, then enable crossfire. It would be best to uninstall and re-install the drivers before enabling crossfire.
  2. If you want to use more than one monitor while in crossfire the monitors all need to be connected to one card. If you are using more than two monitors then you need to use at display port or an active display port adapter.
  3. you can only xfire with the same model and 6870 and 6850 are not the same
  4. manu 11 said:
    you can only xfire with the same model and 6870 and 6850 are not the same

    You can crossfire them because they are based on the same chip. Crossfire is more flexible than SLI, but this flexibility can lead to more issues.
  5. By the chart they can be crossfired because they both start with the same 2 numbers such as 68xx. Therefore that isnt the problem and the 6870 is connected to the PCIe1 but will not show a image. Also on my CCC I do not see a crossfire tab or even a enable button does this mean its not being seen by the computer?
  6. Look your 6870 needs to go into the Blue slot which is the first one and the middle orange slot should be the other 8x slot which is where your 6850 should go. Make sure that you have installed at least one crossfire cable. It doesn't matter if you use two, but when you're only using two cards only one cable will be used. Boot your computer and open Catalyst Control Center. On the Graphics tab select CrossfireX. If Enable Crossfire X is disabled then download the latest drivers, uninstall your current ones, and install the new ones.
  7. Ok I understand how to install it the problem I'm having is the 6870 is in the blue and the 6850 is in the orange. But only the 6850 or the orange will give a display and the ccc does not have crossfire in graphics tab.
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