For a budget gaming PC that can stream, should I look for CPU cores or speed?


So basically I'm trying to put together a PC for about $600 that I'll be able to use to stream games at a medium-quality while playing them.

For this purpose, would it make more sense to get an Intel i3 or i5 duo core, or would the extra cores on an AMD Phenom help ease the load of streaming the games?

THanks in advance!
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    what will you be using to stream the games and to what device?

    for a 600 budget i would go for amd
  2. Probably will be streaming to Twitch or Own3d, and I'm not sure what client I'll end up using. Probably streaming anything competitive like SC2, Diablo3, LoL, DotA2, etc.

    I did some looking around and it seems like the extra cores on the AMD might be better for streaming, thanks!
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