New gaming system

i'm planning to order a new gaming PC tomorrow and i need your opinion.
this is what i'm getting:

CPU: Intel I5 2500k 3.3GHZ
CPU cooling: Scythe ninja 3
GPU: gigabyte 570 GTX OC
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3
PSU: Antec neo-eco 620Cc
Ram: G.skill 4GB*2 (
Case: Sharkoon T9 value
HDD: western digital black caviar 1tb

will i be able to max out games like BF3 at 1080P?
I also think that i will overclock to about 4.5GHZ, do you think the cooling is good enough for this?

thanks! :)
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  1. Looks decent.

    This mobo is the same price and allows SLI/Xfire and pci-e 3.0 ready.

    How much are you paying for the psu? Neo is decent but it's just a basic 80+, I'm sure you could find a 80+ bronze for the same price.
  2. why not get two 6870's for the same price?

    this is in the top 5 heatsinks for intel and only one on newegg. nice and quiet too.

    of coarse if you get two 6870's your gonna need a new PSU

    why not get a lil better ram since its so cheap right now?

    nice case!

    if you go with the two 6870's you will be able to play any game in 1920x1200 with max settings and get 60+ FPS constant. also if you want to do eyefinity in the future you should grab the 2gb version of the card.

    hope this helped!
  3. This cooler will serve you just as well -

    Also take a look at this PSU for a single card,

    or this one for a dual card possibility. -

    And this video card. Highly rated -

    Good choice on the ram. Other than looking fancy, the heat spreader stuff does not really get you much, nor does 1600 speed. Maybe a few more points in benchmarks, that is all.
  4. geekapproved- the gigabyte mobo also allows SLI/CF and it's also pcie 3 ready

    nagol567-i considered taking two 6870's but reading a lot of things about micro stuttering, FPS drops and other problems with CF made me reconsider.
    i prefer having 40FPS with a minimum of 25FPS over 60FPS and 5FPS min...

    tlmck-unfortunately MSI cards aren't sold where i live...i understand that the only problem with the gigabyte is that sometimes you might get a faulty card, i'm guessing this won't be a problem because the computer store is 10 minutes walking from my house so it's not a problem to replace the card if there're problems

    i can get the seasonic 620W S12II for 10$ more-is it worth the extra money?
    i think that i'll stay with the scythe ninja 3, i can't find a better cooler for the price in the store where i'm getting the PC
  5. Perhaps best known is tried waiting until Intel's Ivy Bridge.
  6. michaelru said:
    geekapproved- the gigabyte mobo also allows SLI/CF and it's also pcie 3 ready

    Your right, it does but I thought it was 16x/4x. Just confirmed it is 8x/8x so that's ok.

    That's great you can get the Seasonic for $10 more, but you still haven't told us how much your paying to begin with, so no suggestions there. Likely the Seasonic has a 5yr warranty. If you can get the XFX core edition for cheaper go for it, it's a Seasonic with same 5yr warranty.
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