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I am just about to build a computer around the cooler master elite 430. It comes with one pre installed front led fan. I currently have 2 120mm fans. Where would the best place in the case be to put them.

(I am using i5 2500k, ocz stealthxstream 2 600w, msi r6850 oc, one hd, artic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2)
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  1. I have the coolermaster Elite 430.
    Considering you only have two extra fans, I'd use them as two exhaust fans on the top and rear of the case.

    Here's mine:

    Imagine the same fan placement, except with only 1 at the top instead of 2!
  2. I'd suggest the two part article toms did on air cooling - some obvious things are mentioned but it puts alot of doubt/daemons to bed. I found it quite useful when i was building my last machine and have referenced it to a few friends too.,3053.html,3058.html

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