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About a week ago I purchased a used laptop from a friend. After whipping out his install of Windows 7 in favor of Ubuntu, I noticed it was very slow to start up. So, I added the CPU frequency applet (which reports only 800mhz). The laptop has an AMD Turion TL-56 which has a max speed of 1.80ghz, however, I cannot get remotely close even with POWERNOW disabled. The same 800mhz speed is reported in CPU-Z also in the BIOS as the bare minimum speed that the cpu can operate. This is really frustrating! The BIOS has been updated to A07 which was released in 2008
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  1. Hmm, I think I figured it out. After fiddling around in the BIOS, upon rebooting, the system warned me that a 65W power adapter was being used and not the original 90W. Therefore, the system wouldn't perform as expected. Perhaps this bit of information can be beneficial to someone else
  2. Thanks for the update kenmha;

    That little tidbit is an unusual 'gotcha'.
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